Before I tell your Story, here is a little of mine

Hi! I'm Stephen and I got my first camera when I was 5 years old. My father was a photographer and taught me about everything (including photography). When I was in high school I decided I did not want to do the same thing my father did so I went to Swain School of Design and received a Bachelor of Fine Arts in sculpture. I met the love of my life Kelly and we had a wonderful Wedding. The wedding rekindled my love of photography and I migrated from sculpture and painting back to photography. I was pretty good, but I knew I had a lot to learn about the art of wedding photography so I studied with many different photographers and built Sedman Photography to what it is today. I belong to the Professional Photographers of America and I have earned my Photographic Craftsman degree and my Master of Photography degree. I am always striving to perfect my craft and try new and creative ways to capture the emotion, the detail, the fun and most importantly, all of the little moments of your wedding day in a fun, fresh and contemporary style. I love all of the raw, organic emotions that come out on a wedding day. Friends and family celebrating such a monumental event in your lives. I pride myself in capturing those moments that often slip by unnoticed. Whether it be a tear, rolling down dad’s face, when he sees his daughter in her wedding dress for the first time, or the look the groom has on his face when he catches sight of his bride walking down the aisle.

Kelly and I now have three beautiful daughters, a dog named Finn and a cat named Sky.

Have a look through my portfolio and kick back with a coffee or a glass of wine to explore my blog or my facebook page. Here you’ll find all of my recent work and lots of lovely images for you to check out.

Thanks for stopping by,